How much do you sell your chickens for?


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May 30, 2011
I wasn't sure where to post this, but..

I'm going to be downsizing my flock once all the hens come back into lay, but I'm not sure how to price them.
The ones I would like to sell are (6) between 8-18months old, mostly cochin crosses and cochin/BA crosses. Most of them lay small-medium light brown eggs, quite healthy, and 2 have gone broody before.

Any suggestions?
Take a look in the farm section of your local Craigslist and you'll get an idea what laying hens go for in your area. Around here they're anywhere from $8 to $15. Non layers are challenging to sell.
This is totally dependent upon local market conditions. Supply and demand.

The demand for 2 year old hens is never as strong as POL pullets, of course.
With hens around 2 + years of age, most folks realize that their strongest laying pullet years are behind them. Still, a mature, laying hen, under 2 1/2 years of age, can net $10-$15 dollars if she can fill a need in someone's flock. All you can do is test your local market through Craigs or similar and find out what your local market is like.
I don't have chickens but layers around here are 8 - 15 depending on the breed.
I live in Indiana. I have sold chickens twice that were around a year old off of craigslist. The first time I sold them for $12 in early spring and around 20 of them sold in less than a day. This last fall I sold around 25 for $15 in about 3 days. I think I could have sold them in one day if I hadn't put the post in on a Monday and would have instead posted on a Friday. Mine were hatchery brown egg standard breeds from Meyers.

I would say that you should try craigslist first for selling them. It's easy, free, and no one gets your personal info in less you want them to have it.

Good Luck,
By me, which is somewhat of a rural area, hour and a half west of Washington DC out in the Shenandoah valley, they sell anywhere from $5.50 for red sex links(I know of some teenagers who sell a few hundred every couple months close by), up to around $12-$15 for a nice Ameraucana, EE, other large pure breed egg layers. I am hatching some eggs now, got 8 going in the incubator(pretty sure 1 isnt developing), and I only want to keep 2 pullets from this, and sell the rest. I was going to try selling them once around 8 to 12 weeks old for $10 for the females, $5+ for the boys depending on coloring. I have 2 red sex links, and a mixed color ameraucana roo that I am going to hatch eggs from as well, will be pretty easter eggers with what my roo looks like, and I will probably try to sell these for $10-$15 for females, $5+ for boys. These should be a high egg production green/olive/khaki color egg layer.
In the spring POL Pullets (Red Sex Links) is what i sell and they go from $15-$25 each and 1-2 year old Standard fowl hens go for $10-$20 usually about $15. EE's are a really high demand around here they go for about $12-15 as well Roosters get between $5-15 depending on age and size. I don't have crosses but a lot of people don't care what breed they are as long as they lay eggs. Try $15each and if you don't sell them then lower them to $13. You can always lower the price if they don't sell.

We live in north Georgia mountains and this past fall we scaled back our flock for winter and sold fifteen of our 9 month old Barred Plymouth Rock pullets and two of our BR Roos for $15 each and had calls for several days after we had sold off the amount we
intended to sell practically begging us to sell them our remaining pullets so we're guessing that we had priced them 'right' or maybe could have gotten a dollar or more per bird given the great response to our ads.

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