How much feed should I be giving the 6 month old turkeys?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by stephanie66, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. stephanie66

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    Sep 6, 2015
    I am a new turkey owner, I have two male Bronze's they are about six months old now , I have had a real hard time with finding info on their care. Titus and Giddion are Pets not food. I love them and their antics. One thing that I am trying to get a answer for is : How much feed should they get each at feed time???? We also have 2 peeking ducks, 2 guinea fowl and six hens. They are free range within a large fenced area. Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.
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    Are they heritage or broad breasted, heritage can have food available at all times they will eat as needed, broad breasted should be limited if you want them to live longer, though I've not had them so I would be unsure how much. My heritage are about the same age as yours and they eat a lot at this age, almost twice as much as they will when they are mature.
  3. stephanie66

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    Sep 6, 2015
    Thanks, they are Broad Breasted, and I love them dearly but they are Pigos! and I don't want them to die early. I have had a real time trying to find out how much or around how much to give them once in morning and once in evening.
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    Depends on the feed (a flock maintenance product would do) and how much wt. they are putting on every week. Need to get a baseline on how much they scarf down currently and how much wt. they put on by doing so. Separate the turks out and weigh them. Then weigh the feed you put out daily, then weigh how much is left in the evenings (every day for a week), then weigh your turks again (an old bathroom scale will work - remember to zero scale before taking wts. - weigh self/pick up turk - weigh Human+Turk - and subtract).

    Once you have a baseline you can start to render them "frequently famished" by cutting back feed by a third and making them forage (if possible). If not, throw out a few handfuls of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds for them to "forage". Give them some chopped up grapes on occasion.

    You can "slow" the growth enough through diet and increased activity to "maybe" extend their lifespans a bit.

    Good Luck!

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