How much feed should we be going thru?


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We have approximately 2 roosters & 23 hens. When I fill the feeder they scratch it all out in 1 day. So I could feed 40lb or so a day if I am not careful. How much should approximately 25 birds go thru a month? Yes all hens are laying age. Thank you for your help. he feed we buy is ADM Tindle laying crumbles.
I can't believe I know this!!!

(0.25lbs/bird/day)(25 adult birds)(30days/month)=187.5 lbs/month

if my calcalation is correct

Glad I could help!

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Thank you. I do have the chickens in a coop along with 4 ducks. Sorry forgot to add them. lol. A few tend to escape during the day but for the most part they are cooped/penned. The pen was originally for dogs but then my daughters chicken project took over. lol. It is about 25 x 40. I will try the cabbage tomorrow. I think I know where I can hang them from. With the ducks I should figure about 4 bags of layer a month. That will add up when the youngsters move to that pen but that will be a while. There are about 15 young chicks for 4H in another pen. Some may leave after 4H fairs are done.
Ive just hung a lettuce in my coop for them to play with and eat ....They dont even go near it ..If it accidently gets touched and starts to swing they all run off ...Do i just have proper chicken chickens or something lol

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