How much food a week will 16 chicks eat???


12 Years
Dec 28, 2007
I have purchased a 50# bag of Poulin Grain Chick crumbles and now I'm afraid I bought too much at once. I just read that I should only have what I can use in two weeks to keep it fresh. I mix the food grade DE in with the chick starter?????


How many chicks do you have?... I'm growing 13 (5 week olds) out at the moment and they are using up almost 25 lb bags of feed a week at this stage!...I keep feed out 24/7 for them...If your feed is kept in a cool dry place thats all you need to worry about..they will finish it off quicker than you think...I have no problem at times keeping 50# for months when I don't have chicks growing out...

Edited to add: I don't use the DE in chick food, just with my adult birds..
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I'll have 16 on Tuesday. The grain order doesn't come for another month!! Will I have enough????????? YIKES!

I might need to mail order another brand and have it shipped.
We live on an island...
Do they eat a pound a week per chick?? Is there some figure for the first 4 weeks??

Thanks for your guys are the best!

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