How much food grade DE?

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    We have an 8x8 coop and we keep our crumbles in a galvanized garbage can. How much DE should we spread in our coop and put in the can? Do we mix it up in the can? So new at all haved assisted us so very much. Thank you again.

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    Go to search and put in DE you will find lots of info. [​IMG]
  3. For the coop litter use about 5% by weight, which isn't much. My coop is a little bigger than yours and I use about 4 cups a week and the same amount added when I change the litterl It's also good in every nook or cranny where lice or mites might hide. I like to put it on the bottom and around the perimeter of the coop.

    For food, you may not need it because most crumbles contain food-grade DE already. If not, dust it extremely lightly on the surface from time to time. No more than 1/32 inch, which is an amount you can see through. I bet your feed has it already! [​IMG]
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    The DE works great to deodorize and keeps bugs away. I have heard both sides.....that it is a good de-wormer and have heard that it is NOT proven to de-worm. So, not sure if it would be worth putting it in the can if it is not absolutely proven to de-worm. (since it is a little pricey)

    What I do is keep a small sifter in the DE bag and when I see the coop is getting a little smelly, I sift it all over the pine shavings, perches and while I am at it I go right over the food in case it does help with internal parasites. Can't hurt I figure.

    Then I throw a few handfuls of fresh shavings over the DE and it smells fresh and much nicer. (Deep litter method) In the spring I will rake out all the decomposed pine shavings and start over.
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    I was new to DE too. I have a 12 x10 coop. I used about 1/2 of a 5 gallon bucket... I spread a thin layer over all the shavings I already had in there, then put new shaving on top. I put some in the feeder, mixing ot in the crumbles, probably like a small coffee can full to about 5 gallons of feed. I also put it in the nesting boxes, and dusted it on many (not sure I got all) the birds.

    I am being proactive. I do not have buggies or worms. It appears the it has worked to keep the shavings dryer and as far as I can tell the smell has been cut down as well (I may be used to it-lol). I figure what ever I do can't hurt, you can't use too much.

    Good Luck

    PS- mine was like .50 a pound... I didn/t find that pricey [​IMG]
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