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  1. chickencrazy69

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    Feb 4, 2011
    hi i have a flock of 5 new jeresey giants 1 white leghorn 3 rhode island reds 4 gunies 1 roo and a bantam hen how much should i feed them a day THANKS:cd
  2. LarryPQ

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    Jul 17, 2009
    You can free-feed them, or put food out every day. I believe and adult chicken will eat ~1/2 pound of food a day. Gotta go double-check.
  3. Fred's Hens

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    Some just put out feed, but others like to ration for a host of reasons. But, rationing doesn't work well if you under feed and is wasteful if you over feed.

    Put out 3 pounds in the morning, in the feed trays. Observe how much or how little is left a 3 or 4 in the afternoon. If there is feed left, you won't want to add to it much, if at all. Check the feed tray(s) again as they go to roost at 6:30 pm or so. Is there still feed in the trays? If so, cut back a touch. If the trays are empty, you've slightly under fed them.

    Portion out as much feed in the morning feeding and in the afternoon feeding that they will consume by roosting time. THAT is how much YOUR chickens need. Let them tell you. Head's up, though. They don't always eat exactly the same amount every day and, if some are still growing or once laying commences in earnest you may find you need to ramp up the amount. Cold weather will also sometimes increase demand. Good luck.
  4. ChickenAl

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    The one thing I have found is that feeding chickens is not like house pets, dogs, cats, etc. It has been easier for us to leave enough feed in the run in the morning, 3lbs for six chickens, and an additional feeder in the coop with about a pound. They eat all the feed in the run and occasionally touch the feeder in the coop. Sometimes they will use the coop feeder in the morning if I don't let them out early enough.

    Our chickens are still laying six for six eggs a day. Quite impressive for this time of year. They are not fat, but they are not skinny either. Staying with a high quality feed will keep your chickens at their peak. I don't think you can over feed them if you are using a quality feed, so I would say to give them enough so that there is some left over at the end of the day. Then adjust accordingly. If your chickens get fat, then lower the ration.

    As the weather gets cooler I am giving them a little scratch before night. The higher calorie count will add a little fat to their bodies for the winter.

    Mostly, it was a learning curve for me and sooner or later you will figure out what yours do best on.
  5. teach1rusl

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    I free feed. If yours free range some, they won't eat much. If they're confined to a run all day, they'll eat more. I never want to worry about a hungry bird (and if they're confined that could definitely happen), and I don't like to worry about filling the feeder each day. Chickens will not overeat formulated feed.
  6. dixieland

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    Oct 7, 2007
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    Our chickens have the opportunity to free-feed. But they also spend a good part of the day free ranging outside. When the weather is nice and they are outdoors all day, they eat much less of the feed..But when the weather is poor, they stay in and around their coop more, so they eat more....Mine are always in good weight and are happy and healthy, so this works for me..

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