how much is too much humidity

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    started to turn on the incubators tonight and one humidity is 87 and one is 80. a friend of mine has hatched out of the type of incubator i have and he got 7 out of 7 hatched. at the start he filled up the whole bottom of incubator with water and that got his humidity up. im just trying to find out how much is too much humidity. thanks yall
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    Assuming your hygrometers are reading accurately, that is too high for the first 18 days. I would calibrate the hygrometer first using the salt test (1/2 cup sale, 1/4 cup water, mix together in a mug to form a sludge. Place mug in a ziploc bag, place hygrometer in the same bag (not in the mug), then seal the bag and leave it for 24 hours. At the end of that time it should be reading 75. If it is higher or lower than that, you will know how much it is off and can then adjust accordingly).
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    30-50% for the first 18. 50-80% last 3 days. roughly

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