How much is too much scraps?

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    Hey guys!

    Basically, I feed my chickens veges fruit and leftovers every morning! I give them corn cobs daily too! I chop the food up and they eat everything I give them but I wonder if I'm giving them too much too often as they aren't getting through the poultry pellets with shell grit and dried corn added! They are well fed but wonder if I should not give them the veg, fruit and leftovers daily?? Anyway any help would be great!

    Thanks all!

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    Great question. I think for optimal performance, they need a certain amount of their nutritionally balanced ration every day. On the other hand, it seems like in the old days farmers would toss out a handful of scratch to the flock and after they ate that they pretty much scrounged and rustled for themselves for bugs and seeds. I think as long as they are eating some of their ration you should be okay. Others may disagree, however. Best wishes. [​IMG]
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    It Ian better for their health and cheaper to feed them the scraps. I say keep feeding them the amount you are. When there is scraps leftover and rotting for more than to days, they have to much. Unless you are doing the deep bedding method.
    The scraps are best for them so keep going there.
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    Egg layers type of chicken should get no more than 10 percent treats such as scratch grains, corn and kitchen or table scraps. What they can consume in 10 to 15 minutes twice a day, if there's anything left, cut back on treats. Or you could get reduced egg production, deformed or soft shelled eggs. You shouldn't mix corn with feed, toss on ground as a treat. I keep Oyster shell in a separate container, near the feed.[​IMG] as I also keep granite grit separate.[​IMG] I get over 12 dozen eggs a month from my 5 Golden Comets. GC
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  5. Chickens should only get 5%, a Tablespoon per bird a day in scraps/treats......To much fillers can cause Health problems.....Sour Crop, impacted Crop, Egg laying issues.....Age appropriate feed is all Chickens need plus free range.....Also Granite Grit and Oyster shell if laying in two separate bowls....

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