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Sep 4, 2013
Hello! I am new here and I have just started feeding 4 young hens that belong the the farm next door. The person they actually belong to feeds them "feed", although I don't know what type. I have started feeding them veggie scraps that are too good for the compost. I have read here what not to feed etc. But my question is, how much? For example, will too many tomatoes in one day make them sick? Etc... We have a large garden and eat primarily veggies, so there are a lot of scraps. Yesterday I gave them 2 or 3 large chunks of tomatoes and one frozen peeled banana. Is that too much? Tonight I plan on the peel (and pits???) of four peaches and more tomato. Does this sound ok?
I'm not completely sure on this one - what I do, is let them eat their layer feed and free range in the morning/afternoon, and give them their treats in the evening - they'll only eat as much as they are hungry for and I've never had a fat or nutrient-lacking chicken. It helps that the scraps I give them are good for them, like fruits and veggies and protieny stuff. (cheese/meat/peanut butter.) When my chickens are molting I be sure to give them high protien foods - like soaked dog or cat food.
Ok thanks! I wasn't sure if they would just not eat it or keep going until they get sick. Also, I should note that they are always in their pen. They do not go out to forage. I have only been giving them veggies. Nothing unhealthy.
Sounds fine to me! If they start getting fat or picking at each others feathers, I'd hold the treats to see if things get better. But more then likely you're fine.

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