How much medicine do I use?

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    Apr 25, 2011
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    One of my girl's comb and wattles are pink and pale compared to the others. Much to her dislike, I checked her for mites but found none. That leads me to believe that worms may be involved. I went to the feed store and bought a pint of Wazine 17. The instructions are based on a flock of 100 chickens...I only have 8. I've done the math but I still can't figure out exactly how much .00024 of a teaspoon is.

    Can anyone tell me how much of this stuff I need to use? I suppose it'll have to be measured in drops.

    Should I even use this? Her (and only her's) feathers look a bit ruffled compared to the rest. Could she be molting? They're only 7 months old.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
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    8 or 100 the dosage is the same..Mix one oz per gallon of water and let them drink this all day

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