How much niacin and/or electrolytes

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    Jun 9, 2010
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    Ok, I am trying to gather everything I will need for when the duckies hatch. I sent my hubby out because we needed more chicken feed anyway, and the got some chick mash, non medicated, 15% protein, is that ok? Also he got some childrens original pedialyte is that ok and how much do i need to put in their water? He also picked up some niacin but he got 500 mg. How much will i need? I think I will be able to cut it in half if I need to in order for a smaller dosage. What else will I need and how much?

    Thanks for any and all advice and info.
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    Quite honest the cheapest and easiest way is to buy this product"
    It enough for a year, its in powder and stores well in a ziplock bag or mason jar.
    Niacin is 100mg per 1 gallon.

    I usually go straight for the grower/developer crumble with 17% and skip the baby stuff. You can throw a little of that in the blender to break it down. After 3 days you can give it straight to them.
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