How much per chicken?

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    Nov 6, 2007
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    I have boiled some excess eggs and planned on crushing them and feeding them to my flock. I've done this before, but since I have so many, it just occured to me: How much of this mixture should I be feeding them?
    I like to mix the crushed eggs with yogurt and flax seed. They love it.
    I don't want to overfeed them and I don't want to knock their system "out of balance" if that makes sense.
    Am I overthinking this???
    I have 20 chickens total -- 2 are 8 weeks, 5 are 12 weeks, and the rooster and hens are almost a year old.
    They all free-range together and obviously the big girls and boy get most of the treats (although sometimes one of the babies gets a hold of a huge hunk of tomato or fruit and runs for their life with the whole gang chasing them!)
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    That sounds like fun. I have little ones and just started giving them millet today. They are doing well. I look forward to getting them out in the coop.

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