How much room for 2 or 3 full grow silkies?

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    Jan 4, 2012
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    How much room would i need for 2-3 full grown silkies? would a dog house with a good sized yard be big enough? or at least big enough till I can mix them in with the full grown birds (normal sized)?
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    That would be fine for just 3 chickens.
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    a large dog house and a 5x5 run will be enough for 3-4 silkies
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    Yes that is plenty of room for them...just make sure to fashion a closing locking door for them across the front and make some ventilation holes with hardware cloth across it to keep rats/weasels out (max. 1/2 inch holes are best). Do this so that there is no breeze blowing on them- the holes should be up high.

    If you cannot drill into your doghouse and it has no ventilation you can fashion a hardware cloth door for them, but give them a huddle box inside the doghouse to get out of the wind (can be a cardboard box).

    Silkies don't tend to like ramps or roosts until trained so a nice low house would be great for them! They can't fly or see very well.

    Also I see you are in Washougal- near me somewhat- so you might think about stringing up bird netting over the run (but snow will bring it down) to protect them from hawks if that is a problem. Silkies are hawk bait, but I have had grown silkies do quite well staying away from hawks in my garden run with plenty of hiding places from hawks. The juveniles aren't quite so safe of any breed.
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    Jan 4, 2012
    Washougal, WA
    Thanks! i was thinking about getting some this year and didn't want to mix them in with the big chickens which i let out for half a day into our yard to eat greens and bugs (their back yard is really big though but its all dirt) our dog house is for a pretty big dog and should be able to move it around. I have the run sort of set up with particle board and chicken wire, i found a blue tarp that I can put over the top of it would that be good enough?
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    I made my silkies coop out of wooden pallets 42 x 52, and they have a 9 x 10 run. Mine learned to use the ramp right away. Am in the process of trying to find my Partridge Roo a home, he is getting a bit too aggressive with my other silkie roo, who is two months older than he is. That is the only issue with getting silkie chicks, you just don't know what you are going to get, until they crow or lay an egg.
    Good Luck!

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