how much room for 4-5 bantam ducks?(mallards)..also breeding ??


Off to another pond
11 Years
Nov 4, 2008
I've got a plan in the works, see!

this fall, well, here in about a month or two, once breeding season is officially over, I plan to build(and yes I think I want to build it all by my little lonesome!) a pen JUST for my mallards, right now I've got 4, Jacobi,a standard drake, and Mouse and Tal are standard hens, Jumper is a crested hen, next year I want get a snowy mallard or two.

I have my spot picked out, just need to get it passed by the mother-in-law, but I was thinking of a pen either 20ftx20ft, 10ftx15ft, or 10ftx10ft

but I'm not sure,it'd be sort of country-ridged, but not look aweful, I hope xD, and it'd be right next to the dogs, not close enough to freak the ducks out, but that way nothing would get close enough to get them.

so how much room would be ideal??

ALSO! if I get snowies, I'd want to hopefully get some crested snowies out of the breedings, how would I go about that, should I get a hen, and keep one of Jumperes crested wild-type male babies?, or get a drake so that he mates with Jumper?

and what are the likely-hood of a snowy x wild-type mallard baby just looking like a screwed up dirty wild mallard??

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