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Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by kyle7630, Jan 6, 2011.

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    I have 3 male guineas and want to try to have some keets this spring. I tried last year but out of several hens, none survived. They free range and evidently, something took them off of heir nest. I thought about penning them up this time but was curious as to how much room a mating pair would need, and if I shouldleave them together the whole time or take him out when she starts laying. Any advice?
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    The cock is envolved in the setting hen I have read , he guards her on the nest. would not take a lot of room about as much as a chicken. If you have a setting chicken I would set the eggs under the hen.
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    Train the females to lay in the coop. Provide quiet, dark spaces for them to lay their eggs in. A half sheet of plywood laying against a wall is usually enough. I line mine with straw.

    Keep the girls up every day until they've laid their egg for the day. Once they have you can let them out. Do this for about a week, they will return from then on to lay in the coop as long as their nest is not disturbed.
  4. best thing to do is get adult females, pen them up for a few weeks, have somewhere high for them to roost at night but make a nice dark plushy place for them to lay eggs on or close to the ground... Previous poster suggested a board against the wall, thats a great idea...lay down weeds, pine shavings, pine needles, straw whatever, and after a few weeks of them being used to sleeping and laying in a coop/pen area they're more than likely going to keep staying there as long as them and nest isn't harassed.

    Males do guard the female and nest, but if they have a preferred roosting spot at night they will alot of times leave the female to fend for herself at night and roost in their usual place, this is where most guinea hens get eaten.

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