How Much To Give My Wry Neck Polish


May 4, 2021
Wolcott, Connecticut
Hello! I have a little polish that has start showing symptoms of wry neck a few days ago. The only thing I had on hand was a packet of Save a Chick to put in her water. She drank about 5 tablespoons with my help and that seemed to help perk her up a lot. She is doing so much better. She is eating, drinking and walking around fine. She just had a hard time lifting her head up all the way and still sometimes has was looks like seizures. She’ll have her head tucked all the way under her and just shake it back and forth for about 30 seconds. I wish I could attach a video of it but I’m not sure how to on here. Anyway, I bought some selenium gel for goats but I’m not sure how much I should give her. I posted pictures of was it is. She is 9 and a half weeks.


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Apr 21, 2018
Wilmington, NC
How old is the hen? What is her weight? We have given the product you show in your photos (Durvet Selenium with Vit-E) to a 13 week old Silkie at a dosage of 2g per the label as many as three (3) times per day. She has responded beautifully to her Wry Neck symptoms.

She also received the dosage mixed with Starter Feed, "mixed-berry" flavored Yogurt, and some Liquid Vit-B12 or Nutri-Drench by Rooster Booster. We alternate some of the vitamins during 3-a-day dosing.

Again, she's responded beautifully, but it's taken a month to get her back to herself. She's now tearing around the yard like she used to, playing with her sister, jumping up and down at heights up to 2ft, has a healthy appetite, and no longer hangs her head upside down on the ground.

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