How much to sell a silkie chicks for?


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Jul 17, 2019
I have two top show quality white silkie rooster and black silkie hen. How much could I get for each chick from them since they are show quality


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Apr 15, 2020
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A lot of the value would come from you showing the parent birds yourself - not just the lines. Also, work improving the lines is important as there is always room for improvement there. As mentioned, you can expect to charge more than hatchery chicks, but you can't ask exorbitant amounts as your own pair are not champion show chickens. Breeders usually keep the best for their own lines, so yours may not even conform exactly to the standard (which is why it's important that they're shown if you're going to sell the chicks as showable offspring). If you know a local poultry judge you can ask them for an opinion, but be careful how you sell them. There is a different being "from show stock" and being "show champions", of which you have the former. In Canada these would probable sell for $10 each, going up in price if you were actively showing your birds and working on the lines.

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