How much to sell young turkeys for??

Cottage Rose

12 Years
Jun 24, 2008
Mid west Michigan
I have a couple extra 6 month old females I want to sell.
I have White Midgets and Blue Palms.
Have no idea what they are worth.
Assuming they are average quality, what the going rate?
Its hard to recover your costs when selling live birds. You might be able to get $40 if you're lucky. You could probably move them ar $30 a piece. You can get a lot more for them if you sell them as food. If you butchered a blue palm tom at 14 lb, you could sell that for $60 very easily. If course, if its only 6 months old now, it won't be big enough by next week to be sold as a Thanksgiving turkey, and its tough to sell expensive birdds at any other time of year. So you're probably better off cutting you losses (feed costs) and getting rid of the excess birds however you can. Sometimes you can get a little more if you have a non-sibling pair that you could sell for breeding.

I have been trying to sell a picture perfect Royal Palm tom, but I want at least the food price for him. I've sold young RPs for $20 each, but no one seems interested in paying $70 for a tom, no matter how good he looks. He's on the maybe list for butchering this year, but I don't think I can do it.
Thanks for the info.
I really wasn't trying to recover my costs...that rarely happens when you feed something for 6 months then sell it.
I just have a couple of extra females (1 White Midget & 1 Blue Palm) I'd rather not butcher and would like to sell or would trade for a young tom.
I'm located in Michigan if anybody is interested in these girls or has some extra toms.
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