how much to tube/syringe feed chick?


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Jul 29, 2011
My chick I've been writing about is improving on the vitamins, good quality food from the vet (for dogs and cats), yogurt. I also got prednisone for my ferret and am sharing it with my chick in case her issues started from a bump to the head.

The vet said to start with 1 cc and work up to 6 if she's emptying her crop well. I can now give her 6 cc's and in 2 hours it's completely empty. She's about 3 months old or so. She's a Polish hen. I can do one more night of no sleep, feeding every 2 hours, but I can't do it beyond that. Still, I'm thinking she can have much more than that. She's about the size of a pigeon but taller and much skinnier. Does anyone have any idea how much I can feed her?

Also, her poops are total diarrhea. Dark greenish in color. I'm going to give more yogurt today. Any input? I gave her raw garlic yesterday. Could that have caused the diarrhea?

How much water? Do I do this when I feed her or separately?

I'm strictly syringe feeding her (just started that again after tube feeding yesterday and into this morning)

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