How much ventilation for a hot summer?

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    Feb 21, 2007
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    I live in the south and I have just converted my old tractor (which was too heavy to move anyway) into a closed in coop. I will have to get pics later of the changes but here is what it looked like before.


    and from the side:


    I covered the sides and back with wood siding left over from house projects. I used what I had, which worked out pretty well, leaving the top 4-5 inches on each side open (except for where that piece of tin is in the back) So I have two vents that measure approx. 4-5 in by about 12-14 in long. I am going to make a door that will cover the vents in winter. Is that necessary? How much ventilation will they need for summer. I covered the door too. There is a small crack where the door attaches for the hinges so it is not air tight by any means. It is 4 feet deep and 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Should I put a window in somewhere? or are the two top vents enough for night time? It will hold silkies. How should I place a low roost and a nest box? Thanks for any suggestions. I will try to get updated pics up later.

    Oh, one more question, it is sitting outside of the run with a small door going into the run for them and then the big door is for me to go in and clean up. How would I keep predators from digging under without covering up my door? Should I just put a wire bottom or solid bottom on it? The run has wire around the edge that is buried. It use to be a dog pen. I have to figure out how to attach the coop to the run securely and keep anything from digging under. Then we are covering the run with wire too. Thanks.

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    Can you dig down and bury wire or hardware cloth around the edges or your coop? It would probably be nice to have a window. That way you have light with out electricity for when you need to get in and do anything. Also your birds will know when to get up an lay their eggs (before you are even stirring probably.)

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