How much water do 2 baby chicks need?


Apr 7, 2019
I am adopting two baby chicks. They are coming on 4/10/19, and we are still preparing. I need to know how much feed/water two baby chicks need.

Edit: Thanks for all the suggestions!! I'll update how they're doing when we get them!
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They should have clean water available at all often do you want to check and fill the water? They wont drink "that much", but depending on the waterer you use and how you place it, young birds will fill the waterer with shavings/bedding as quickly as you clean it out. A "nipple waterer" can eliminate this issue while providing a steady supply of water...or the little quart sized waterers sold for chicks with the open tray to drink from (the thing they fill with bedding, lol) can be used and elevated to limit bedding range, keep the lip at back height and raise accirdingly as they grow....a quart waterer, kept clean, will past two little chicks for days (I would clean/change it at least every other day though).
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