How much would a 6 month Japanese Bantam be worth?


9 Years
Jun 23, 2011
I was thinking of breeding Japanese Bantams, but I would like to know how much you would think would be a fair price for a 6 month Japanese Bantam. Can you say how much for a Rooster, and how much for a Hen? I was thinking maybe $5-6 for the Rooster, and $6-10 for the hen, but I just wanna know what you guys think.
It also depends on your area. Around here you are lucky to get a few bucks for a jap rooster.
price would depend on the type and quality.

just sold a 1 1/2 yr old roo who kept placing 2nd of the other roos that we have for $10

sold a few other cockrels for $5 each

not many hens leave here but min would be $10each and up.

1/4 to 1/2 of fertile jap bantam eggs won't hatch they have a lethal gene.

and from whats left maybe 1/4 will be short legged, 1/2 med legged, and 1/4 long legged.

so they are a challenge.

i contacted a long time breeder for a hen since one of ours that we got from him died this past spring $35 for that hen.

best bet would be to select out the short legged ones at hatch- sell the rest of the chicks at hatch for $3-5 each.

then select from there.

my daughter is working on blues and blue mottled so thats her project for spring. as well as barred if the eggs hatch next week.

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