How much would you pay for 1936 - 1953 New York Times library?


8 Years
Aug 26, 2011
SW Missouri
TWO YEARS ago I was put in charge of selling some books for the local humane society. I've been trying to find information or at least an approximate value for these books but I've gotten nowhere with it. Now it's time to finally just put these on craig's list and just clear out my garage that has books floor to ceiling.

I have... bound, in huge books (the size of newspapers), old New York Times newspapers from 1936 right to 1953. I have 135 books in all. All years, but not every single newspaper. Some years have 3 books (each book contains half a month's worth of newspapers), and some have 12.

My question much do you think I should sell these for on craig's list? I'm looking to sell the whole lot of them but I don't know if I should be asking $1 per book or $10 per book. $25? Ten cents?

I've thought of putting them on ebay but, realistically, these books took up the entire cargo area of my '99 Suburban, shipping all these would be ridiculous and I don't have the time or patience to just sell them one at a time.

Any thoughts or comments, no matter how small or big, would greatly be appreciated!

PS - There are no real "important" newspapers. No declaration of wars, no pearl harbor day...but a lot of war time newspapers just the same. Thought I'd mention that.


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Feb 14, 2011
Huntsville, Alabama
I would first put them on ebay and say pick up only. I don't think a local craigslist ad will the coverage you need to find a buyer. I would set
a low minimum as well. The market will set the value. You might make a lot more money by selling the early editions individually but you will
have a lot of work putting in the ads and shipping them out. Or, get out the phone and start calling libraries direct. People will drive for hours
to get something they really want, the big question is it something anybody wants??

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