how much would you pay ?

Ohhh cuute. They are such sweeties. If I pop inside for a cup of tea they are always standing on the doorstep waiting for me to come back out lol. They've started rushing me for peas and yesterday they spent a good twenty minutes with their heads stuck through the holes in the fence quacking 'come and have a go if you think you're hard enough' to the neighbour's dog. Lol, luckily my neighbour's dog was not hard enough and my neighbours themselves are so in love with them they said they wouldn't mind if they nipped their dog! lol
I even like the noise and so...thank my neighbours. A couple of days ago they were wakking so loud I could hear them halfway up the road!
be careful with your ducks poking their heads through a fence with a dog on the other side!

As far as cost of calls, it really depends on the quality of the duck.
I have paid $10 each for Pet Quality and $250 for a pair of SQ.
I was at an auction this fall where they were selling for $3.00 each in crates of 10 - some were pure white and very good quality. The only trouble was I didn't buy enough of them!

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