How My 10 Year Old Daughter Describes the Silkies

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  1. daddykirbs

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    Mar 13, 2011
    My daughters real specialty is the ducks. She loves her Australian Spotted Ducks! Here she takes a moment to educate us about the Silkies :)

  2. Lucie Blume

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    Jan 14, 2011
    Santa Cruz
    Your daughter knows her silkies and showgirls. How did you get so many showgirls? I thought they were not a sure thing. Well, enjoy them :) Watching the showgirls develop will be interesting.

    We have quite a few silkies and one showgirl who was hatched for us out of a dozen shipped eggs.
    He's really a showboy, and we were lucky to have such a handsome chicken of the breed. He's spotless white, fuffy (of course) with a long black neck, and a little bow tie. Georgous almost iridescent earlobe things. (What are they called.?). And very much a gentleman.

    My son sat him atop his Thomas the Train as a chick, and Snowy went slowly round and round without fidgeting. He his more docile than a silkie.

    Of course I have one. You can let me know how your brood progresses. I would really love to know..

    All,the best.

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