How my son spends his money

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    Last weekend my six year old son won some money and a gift card to a local feed store for placing so well with his chickens and ducks at a local youth fair. So, we finally went to the feed store where he had won $10. When we walked into the place he made a bee line right to the chicks. I told him he had to look around and not buy chicks without looking at everything first. They have toy trucks, and animals and he could always buy feed for the chickens he has already too. Loren did a very quick lap around the feed store and went right back to the chicks. So I gave in and told him he had enough for 4 chicks. He chose gold sex links and picked out four of them. Loren told the lady at the counter that he had won the gift card for showing his birds and she gave him a percentage off. Then she told him he had enough money left on his card for one more chick. His eyes lit up and he went back and got a fifth one. So now we have “Show” egg layers to raise. I hope he understands they are not show birds in six months!!
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    Very 7 yr. old dd would have done the same thing.

    oooh yeah....she did, yesterday....her and her little sister, 3, picked out 3 ee's to go along with the 11 chicks we already hatched out. ha ha...oh well.

    ...except mommy picked them looking at their vents. [​IMG] The cute brown one was a boy...too was cute.

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    Congrats to your son. Yep, if I had my way I'd get more chicks for every celebration too.
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    That is really, really cute. Withthe under the house puppies, my son, who is almost 20, took them all in his room and was not letting anyone in [​IMG]
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    Quote:[​IMG] Thats so cute. Of course he had to have some more chicks mom, what else could he possibly want? [​IMG] Congratulations on his win. [​IMG]
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    So cute! More chickies for this little man! [​IMG]

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