How nuts must I have looked tonight?

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  1. chicken_china_mom

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    Apr 24, 2009
    Tab, Indiana
    I was out in my chicken yard this evening, enjoying a little quiet time with my chickens while the kids were off at VBS. All was going well until my 3 nasty Bantam BO boys decided to all jump my little Bantam Black Cochin pullet. AT THE SAME TIME. They already split open the back of her head doing this before, and they have hurt other hens, so I went to chase them off her to protect her. Well, here I am chasing these brats off, when I feel myself getting kicked from behind. I know I've been flogged, so I turn around to see who did it, and it's my Bantam Splash Cochin Abner. I'm mad now, so I chased him off, and then as I chased him off, I get flogged AGAIN, this time from my left side. I turn and look at who it is this time, and it's my White Silkie rooster Hector. I made a step toward him to chase him off, only he's stubborn (or just plain stupid), and he jumps at me again and flogs me. So I lunged at him a few more times, and finally got him to turn tail and run, so I chased him around the yard, and Abner. Then, Abner tried to give his victory crow, as though he had gotten the best of me, so I crowed twice as loud and stopped him dead in his tracks. I've learned by watching that the stronger roosters will chase off the less dominant ones, and then follow up that chase with a manly victory crow. When I do it back at them when they flog me, they leave me alone. So Abner was stubborn now and kept trying to crow, so I kept crowing louder. Of course now Hector is back messing with me, and my temper is up, and my leg is really starting to hurt again (car accident last month, pinched nerve in right leg, can hardly lift it most of the time), and I'm now unable to lift the leg much at all. I staggered across the chicken yard, still trying to make these boys realize that I'm the alpha, NOT them, when I look up and see my nosy next door neighbor sitting in a chair on the porch watching me. At this point I realized how I must look, like I was beating my roosters, or like I had lost my mind, so I texted my mother to come outside and help me. She comes out, and by that point they had finally gotten the hint, MAMA was in control, NOT them, and so I sat down in my chair in the yard, and my mom went about refilling the duck pool and the chick watering pan that we have down. The neighbor, realizing there was no more show to see, finally went into her house. My mom, with hose still in hand, ended up repeatedly spraying the BO boys because they would NOT stop chasing the pullets that are almost to POL. My BO boys must have the highest testosterone levels in the world cause they are ALWAYS wanting to mate! I don't think they hit the mark very often with the Cochin girls though cause I don't get a lot of Cochin/BO mixes. But I was exhausted, the BO boys were soaked, and I had a half dozen pullets hiding inside the coop, and another bunch hiding under my chair to get away from these boys. I've been trying to give them away for months now, but no one wants them. I swear, if their behavior, and the flogging from the Cochin and Silkie continue, I'll be having A LOT of chicken dinners over the next few months!!!
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    Here's a good mental image for (37 weeks pregnant) chasing an EE roo who flogged me around the yard until I can catch him, then toting him around upside down. All the while my Bourbon Red turkey gobbler is chasing me, pecking and threatening to spur me. I can't decide which of them to eat first! Stupid boys...
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    Apr 24, 2009
    Tab, Indiana
    Oh I don't know what I would do if a turkey tried to get me too! I could only chase these brats. I can't bend to get them cause my leg and back give out, but they got the point. For now at least. Lately my Splash roo has been flogging me more and more, and I am getting really fed up. He's my best looking rooster too, but I'm beginning to think that he'll look even better on my plate with a side of mashed potatoes... [​IMG] If he keeps it up I will be replacing him. I need a Splash Cochin roo, but not one stupid enough to think he's over me in the pecking order!
  4. Jeeper1540

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    after reading that, i think the smile is permanently formed into my face! lol that was funny, sorry about your car accident.

    for those of you that watch King of the Hill-I just imagine that neighbor as Kahn, always saying something about 'hillbilly neighbors' lol
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    Apr 10, 2010
    As nuts as I looked spanking my chicken and yelling NO!??

    And this morning one of them got a bath - do not try to get cocky with a woman who has a pitcher of water in her hand! Sure surprised the heck out of him!

    2 roosters who think they are bad a!

    I figure they are a lot like teenage boys - testosterone overload and they have to be taken down a peg!

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