How often do you let your muscovy ducklings bathe?

Going Quackers

12 Years
May 24, 2011
On, Canada
We let them bathe yesterday(first time!) in a teeny little infant pool that i have, at first they were hesitant but by the end they were washing and having a blast. We've gone quite hot, going to be a high of 84F with humidity. Should i set up the pool again today or is that to soon since they were in it yesterday...
We are only in the 50's here lately but I have a pool set up all the time for my 1 month olds. I open the brooding shed in the morning so they can come out to play in the yard & play in their pool as much as they want.... I think mine like the water more than most Muscovies because I give them water access from a very young age, but they're just so cute to watch
I have 2 ducklings that are about 1-2 weeks old (not sure when they hatched since they are with their mama) She brings them out every morning and takes them for a swim. I have a kitty litter box full of water next to the nest and I see them playing in it all the time.

My rouens that I have in the brooder also have a kitty litter box and they bathe every day. They started it at about 2 weeks.
Thanks for the feedback! i actually left the pool in yesterday, going to clean it up today.. i kept an eye and they happily went in/out thoughout the day just fine... Gonna have to upgrade soon though there growing like weeds:lol:

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