how often do you treat for mites?

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Mar 16, 2018
We never saw mites or lice on our chickens, but with the problem the hens are having, which is loss of feathers around their vent & feathers looking bad on their backs toward their tail feathers, It was recommended to treat for mites & was told we didn't have enough of hens to service my rooster. We dusted all of the chickens with sevin dust & we’re getting rid of our rooster. How often should I repeat the treatment for mites?
Sevin's sort of harsh. I wouldn't use it on animals unless the situation was desperate.

There's a product advertised as poultry dust which uses permethrin as the active ingredient. Permethrin's pretty harmless to mammals (except cats, and even then, it has to be in a pretty strong concentration) It also comes as a spray.

I like to spray the corners of my coop and the bottoms of the nest box and perch with Hartz flea and tick (the one that also kills the eggs.) It has the active ingredients permethrin for the mites, and s-methoprene, which kills the eggs. I once used it on a rooster with a really bad mite infection and it cleared right up. Though no studies have shown that s-methoprene hurts chickens except in a really strong concentration, I prefer not to use it directly on the hens.

Please don't use DE except as a control. Studies have shown that as a cure for a mite infestation, it's practically worthless.

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