How often do you Wash yourself?


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Sep 29, 2009
South Africa
Sure haven't seen this topic yet, must be dreaded to even mention.

The question goes as the title states, How often do you Wash yourself?
For me I will bathe myself 7 days a week, and sometimes in the morning, Amen.
Bodies or Hands?

Showers... every day.

Hands... Im kind of OCD.. so you might not want to know my answer

But I have trouble with the fact that some people don't wash their hands much, if at all
Squish, be welcome to give your true opinion if it still complies with the rules.

Oh, yes all washing is included! Hands.Not.Washed.
You all know I'm old. I don't really get dirty very much.
My wife dusts me off every day or so.

And I've got an absolute fear of morning showers. Afraid
of drowning before I really wake up.
Shower nightly. Handwashing and all that jazz I'm trying hard not to get OCD about. I've gotten to the point where I can't stand anything on my hands, not even lotion. I have DH combine the meatloaf mixture for me. I tell him it's because the cold meat causes my hands to hurt when submerged in it, which is true. The real reason though is that I can't stand the feel of all that greasy hamburger on my hands.
Daily. Sometimes I just rinse my hair in the shower, though, and condition it without shampooing every day.

Hand-washing, after every potty visit. After handling chicks or chickens. Before any meal except candy bars or when I'm snacking on the road as I drive. I, too, dislike the feel of lotion on my hands (although they could certainly use some!) and hamburger smushing is something I avoid, for the same reason as does Gritsar. <*shuddering*>

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