How often to give treats?

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    Sep 3, 2016
    I have 3 laying hens one roo and one pullet. How often do i give treats? I was giving them some almost everyday from cabbage, squash, watermelon, eggs, pancakes, and chicken treats found at the feed store. Is this too much? I do have a sick chicken now thinking its from too many treats. I noticed they arnt touching much of their regular feed..
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    Treats should only be 5-10% of their daily intake. If they're not eating their feed you should try cutting back and see if that fixes things. I love treating mine too but I had to make myself stop stuffing them, as they were filling up on fruit and mealworms and greens instead of eating their feed. They get sporadic, smaller amounts now.
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    I feed my girls greens as chopped grass mid morning, what they can consume in 10 to 15 minutes.
    I feed them scratch grains twice a day, what they can consume in 10 to 15 minutes.
    That is all the treats they get. No human food ever.
    Their main feed is layers pellets, all they want 24/7 as well as fresh water.
    I get 12 dozen eggs a month from 5 28 week old pullets.
    So far I have not had to isolate or medicate.
    Hope that stays true.
    I just made a heated base for my galvanized waterer yesterday, so they always have water available, which is just as important as feed. GC
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    Bring a newbie I started chopping cabbage, apple, carrot, yellow squash, really a little of whatever I had and take my 2 RIR hens sooximstely 2-3 cups every morning. They have laying pellets with some scratch and grit mixed in in pvc feeder. Mid afternoon I give some scattered birdseed and dump their water pan so they can scratch in the damp soil and maybe some seeds will sprout for them. They have a large nipple water bucket hangng but love the water pan. About 6 I give them either a half cup meal worms or chopped apple or small amount of leaf salad green and secure my 6x4 tarps across bottom of their dog/chicken run. This tells them it's soon to be bedtime. They get quit and when I return after 7pm they have up into their coop and started roosting. I tell them goodnight and close the coop door to secure them. Latch the run and day is done. Next morning I fold back the tarps over the bottom 4 ft of run to make sure they can see their world, and give their morning veggie/fruit treat. They fuss til they get it and Thelma has flown up to try to get to it if I'm the least bit slow in emptyinG it into their pan.
    Because it's chopped so fine I don't want to put it in the dirt.and I've tried throwing the same mix out for them just coarsely chopped and they sometimes leave bits out I giving them veggies too often? Too much? My husband and I adore them and their quirks and they are becoming easy being picked up and handled and lay lovely delicious eggs.
    I have noticed the sometimes have
    runny poops after the veggie treats but goes back to solid matter. Only there is WHITE cap on poop....what does that mean? Am I Giving Them SOMETHING harmful?
    Should I limit intake of fresh treats? I feel so guilty they cant run and scratch in grass that I am an easy touch I guess :(
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    Jul 26, 2016
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    White cap on poop is normal.
    Treats are any food other than chicken feed (pellets,crumbles,mash). And for healthy chickens, Chicken feed should be 90 percent of food given, available whenever chickens are awake. Chicken feeds are fortified with vitamins, minerals and protein, that scratch grains and corn do not have. Chicken feeds such as pellets or crumble can be tossed on dry ground as a healthy treat. Water should be available 24/7. Any other foods should be limited to 10 to 15 minutes twice a day. If there is any treats left after 15 minutes such as scratch grains then give less next time. Table/kitchen scraps should be removed after 15 minutes. Any food left in pen/run will attract unwanted pests/predators.[​IMG]This is my opinion, and others may differ, but I get 12 dozen eggs a month from 5 29 week old pullets. GC
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  6. Chickens have complex dietary needs.....Layers should be fed a balanced diet....Treats at 5% of daily ration...Meaning a Tablespoon per bird...I only feed treats once of twice a week...


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