how old are chicks when they leave their mom?

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  1. hi i have a broody hen her eggs have not yet hatched but i want to know how old will they be before the chicks leave their mom???????
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    It varies but 6 weeks is what I see quoted a lot. Some will hang onto their babies a very long time from what I have read on BYC.
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    My Silkie just started chasing and pecking hers so they all got kicked outside with the big birds. coming up on six weeks on Saturday.
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    My best broody will let them sleep under her for six weeks. Then, she's back on the roost and they're welcome to join her, but not too close. But I've noticed, she still calls them for food for another few weeks. So she's still taking care of them, just not brooding them. It's funny as she's a bantam cochin, and the chicks are large fowl. This tiny little black hen calling these big three month old cockerels over for some tomato scrap, and man do they come running when she calls!
  5. ok i think it is settled on 6 weeks! Thanks!
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