How old do you think this Adult Hen is? Breed?


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Mar 2, 2011
Some background on the hen before I get to ahead of myself:

She came from a very over-crowded flock that was confined in a very small pen. Some of the chickens in the pen appeared perfectly healthy and others barely had a feather at all. They were parasite invested and rarely fed. All of them were hens (around forty of them) and all were some type of dual purpose Heavy Breed or Mixed Heavy Breeds. This hen was among 25 that were removed but because of disease, I could only take her because she was healthy and one of very few hens still laying.

She is very sweet and calm. She moves very slowly and went broody in the early spring. Her broodiness lasted about a day and she quit. I never had to stop her again. I have around 15 rescues here with me but she is my favorite. She is very quiet and very shy of other chickens.

When she came to me she layed before any of my Red Sex-Links who are only two years old. She did stop in the early part of April for a week then slowly got back up to daily when I removed her from the rooster. My Rooster is a 11 lb Production Red that is also a rescue. Due to his large size and her apparent old age, she suffered "over-breeding". I had to remove her because my original intention was to give her a better life, not a worse one.

That was a little over two months ago. She still has not healed and is now laying "body-checked" eggs. She laid three of them in the last three days. This came out of nowhere and she has not been under stress. Since I removed her from the coop, she free-ranges with some American Gamefowl Bantams (also rescues) but avoids other heavy chickens at all costs.

I am worried about disease but I need to know her age before I jump to conclusions about this. She eats very well, she is actually overweight (9.8 lbs on scales today). She has a bit of wheeze now and then but no running nose or swelling anywhere. In short, she shows no sign of disease (the diseases that cause this have visible symptoms most of the time). I have raised/rescued chickens for 15 years and this is the first body-checking incident I've ever had. If she is ,in fact, geriatric (over 8 years old) then this is the explanation of the eggs and the slow healing rate. Hens go through a type of menopause like humans and stop egg laying all together. I am OK with that, she is not a production chicken, all I want her to be is happy and healthy. That is why I ask for your help.

I need to know how old she appears to be and what breed (or mixture) you think she is?

I think she is at least 6-7 years old and is likely a Hatchery Quality Production Red. (Blue Legs?) or A cross of RIR and BJG.

Thank You for any input, as it may help her get better.

Here are some pictures of my dear sweet Cindy Lou, I know she looks bad which is why I am asking for help.

Timothy in KY


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Mar 27, 2008
Wish I could tell you but I just don't know.She looks to me mixed with what well thats another one Im not sure of.

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