How old for leafy greens and treats?

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    Feb 10, 2012
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    How old should chickens be before I feed them leafy greens and table scraps? Mine are 8 weeks old and so far I've only given them dried meal worms on a few occasions. I tossed a leaf of kale in the coop last week and they weren't too interested. Is this age related, or do they just not like kale?

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    Have you tasted raw kale?...It does get better after a frost and always when cooked... in my opinion. As for as age... I feed my chicks grass cut up in small pieces at about one week. I have also fed corn silk, corn leaves, bean shoots, and white clover. Treats only... I am always worried too much might make their stool too soft. But the real key is to cut it small (I use a scissors). If you don't you might see one end of a blade of grass coming out while the other end is still going in. I did this 31 years ago and still remember the sight.[​IMG]
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    I start feeding treats when they are 2 days old. Small amounts of finely minced veggies etc. Getting bigger as they get older.
    Often chickens are afraid of new things, so you may need to keep trying till they get used to it.

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    I started mine on greens at a week old. They went nuts! I made sure they had lots of grit available.

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