how old to sex


8 Years
Nov 11, 2012
how old does a guniea have to be to properly determane male and fem and is there anyother way besides sound mine make all kinds of sounds
it thinks its a chicken too lol raised by a hen and never been around other guinea now it follows my leg horn rooster everywhere they act like farther and son lo could my rooster really think its his son?
Guinea Hens can start the 2 syllable call as early as 5-6 wks old. But no matter the age the males never make that 2 syllable call. Other than that you will need to wait until the bird matures more, then you can possibly tell by the wattles (only sometimes tho), and by the posture and the mannerisms of the bird in question... but more than likely by that age if it's a Hen she'll be buck-wheating non-stop.

Guineas are flock birds, but if your rooster helped raise the keet then the keet most likely sees it as Momma or Daddy. I have 2 Chocolate keets that think one of my Turkeys is their parent... they were hatched and brooded together.

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