How old was your hen when she started to lay?


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One of my light brahmas started at 19 weeks. Now (at almost 24 weeks) I have 4 light brahmas and 2 buffs definitely laying. There were 2 mystery eggs in the nest boxes tonight. Don't know yet who the culprits were, but I'm positive it wasn't one of my dark brahmas. They've always been the slowest of my chickens to mature.


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My RIR's and BR's and EE all started laying around 6 months old. I have a silkie that lays, but I have no idea how old she is, some one rescued her from a dog's mouth in the storm and brought her to me last January. She laid an egg the very next day, and then not again for about a month.


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My buff orpington hens started to lay at:

18 weeks 4 days
20 weeks 3 days
20 weeks 4 days
22 weeks 3 days
22 weeks 5 days
23 weeks 6 days


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BA's 23 weeks old

SLW 23 weeks old

NHR 23 weeks 3 days old

Lt Brahma 24 weeks 1 day old

EE/Ameraucana 25 weeks old 2 days old

I have an assortment at 6 weeks old so no idea on the other breeds in the mix.
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I have 18 hens. Last week they turned 20 weeks. We have 5 laying so far and in 7 days we've gotten 7 little, itty bitty pullet eggs. They are so cute and the shells are SO HARD!

Our first to lay was our Black Star... "White Toe" she has layed two so far. She's black as coal and folks laugh when I call her White Toe. (She really does have one middle toe that looks white... been that way since day 1) Her 2nd egg was much bigger than the first so that's encouraging.

Then our White Rock.. "Whitey" She has layed two tiny eggs and the 2nd was smaller than the first... like her BR sistahs, she has pointy eggs.

Then Jenna, one of our RIR hens gave us a tiny, beautiful dark brown egg,

Then two of our seven Barred Rocks... Henny Penny and Curious have given us two pointy little brown eggs.

We got rid of the rooster almost two weeks ago. 3 of the eggs showed he was here, the other 4 were not fertile. My wife is ELATED that we no longer have a crowing roo.

My 11 year old told me what the BRs reminded him of... Oreos stacked on top of one another. I named one of the darker hens Oreo after that.

Nothing so far from our Partridge Rocks, Red Star or EEs.


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* Miss Chook was over 7 months old (probably at 8 mths). She laid her first egg *exactly* one month after she went back outside for the first time after the possum attack--Feb. 1st, 2OO8.
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My first silkie.... 30 weeks

I have 2 more that are 22 weeks and nothing yet.

I also have another thats 12 weeks, but I got her a roo and she's for breeding in the spring.

All silkies and worth the wait.

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