How old would a silkie be before I see gender signs


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Ok I have had him for 8 weeks. he was pretty good sized when I got him but still a baby I think. He was in the process of feathering out. He is now the size of my 9 week old barred rock roo. I don't know how much bigger he will get. I say its a he so i won't get my hopes up. Of course i am keeping him regardless. I've been looking though and I don't see a comb. Little black skin at the top of his beak that I guess could be the start of one. So with silkies what am I looking for. Also are their roos a bit less agressive so I can have more than one together?


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Jul 31, 2008
Sometimes you can tell between 6-8 weeks and other times you can't tell till it crows or lays

I have had both dosile and aggressive silkie roos
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Walnut combs develop much more slowly than single combs. Chances of telling by comb development for a silkie is pretty minimal until they are at least 5-6 months. I've had them crow earlier than that. Wattle development is also not a good clue with silkies. Streamers (long, spikey feathers coming off the back of the head and hackle) are the most noticeable development for the boys.

Even with a PQ silkie I do not think you would be able to reliably predict gender before 3-4 months of age. With partridge or greys you may be able to tell earlier as the girls have penciled wings.
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