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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by iloveducks3, Mar 22, 2017.

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    Mar 13, 2017
    I have11 week old Pekin ducks and want to know when I can put them out in a run with a well built duck house. They are in a dog kennel now in the garage where it is warm. The temp here in Kansas City is only in the 60s during the day and 40s at night. NEED HELP
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    You can put them out as soon as they are fully feathered, maybe at 15 weeks or so. Otherwise, you can put a heat lamp out for them for the colder nights. 60 should be ok in the daytime though.
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    Do you have 11-- 1 week old ducklings?
    Or theya re 11 weeks old?
    Ducklings can go outside easily with no heat by 4-5 weeks old. Some larger breeds even earlier.
    They do very well if there is enough of them to keep each other warm.
    I have never heard of waiting till 15 weeks old---- im guessing thay was a typo?
    My ducklings last spring went out at 3 weeks old. And nights dipped into low 30s and they did great. There were 6 of them. And they were pekins, swedish, buffs and runners.
    My 2 and 3 week old ducklings are being brooded in the outdoor coop right now and the heated corner is 70-75 and they sleep on the outside edges of it. And play all over and never act cold. And its still getting into the 30s at night here .
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    My fully feathered ducks aren't even 15 weeks old and theyre full grown now at 10 weeks. Mine went out at like 3 weeks.

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