How picky are your girls?


9 Years
Jan 14, 2011
So my husband says they are just spoiled (which I can't deny) But our four girls have become quite picky about their treats. I'm pretty convinced if its green they don't want it. ( tried leaf lettuce, cucumber, carrots, oranges, ect) Its like having four four year olds. Even the carrots which I grated up for them they just looked at, then looked at me with those stink eyes. The preferred treats are grainy breads, meal worms and corn on the cob. They are eating the crumble feed just fine thankfully.

So my question is do I slow down on the treats so they will eat a more varied selection, or just keep giving them what they like.

Are yours this picky? Just curious more than anything
Ohh...i probably should of posted this in the feeding section sorry....i don't know how/if I can move it either. Forgive a newbie
Eh, I just throw whatever in the run and leave it. I really don't "care" if they eat it or not. Maybe you care too much? hehehehe Or maybe you're over-feeding them treats. Some days it seems like mine are begging for treats and other days they just don't seem too "hungry" (which I can't believe is possible! little pigs!) but if it stays out there long enough they eat it in time.

From my kitchen they don't like raw fish or potato peelings, but pretty much everything else gets eaten.
Most chickens don't like citrus much, I'm not surprised you said yours didn't like oranges. Mine don't care for pineapples, or jalapenos or banana peppers or pickles or anything else "stored" in strong vinegar. I only know this because those are popular pizza toppings and I bring them "expired" stuff from work all the time. I personally think the pineapples we get at Papa Johns are waaaaay better than anything you can buy at WalMart, but my chickens don't seem too impressed. Their loss.
My hens will eat ANYTHING! I have yet to find a treat they don't like.
I have some young chicks ...about 6 weeks old....that are sometimes nervous about trying new treats. But my adult hens will eat everything and do with gusto! They rush me every time I step out the door to see if I have a treat.

I think that a varied diet keeps chickens mentally stimulated as well as healthy, so I would probably keep trying to introduce new things to them. That's just me though. Good luck with your girls.
Mine aren't too particular. They love to eat sprouts in the lawn from BOSS that they didn't discover in the shell, leftovers, most fruit, veggies, meat, etc. When it is cold they like anything warm, like oatmeal. Maybe trying a few more times would help? They're kind of like kids and sometimes just need to figure out that it is food. Once one of the chickens decides to eat it, the rest usually follow.
Mine eat everything I put in even things people say chickens don't like, like oranges. Fruit, veggies, starchies, sprouts, dairy, bugs, grass clippings. They have access to layer food 24-7 so they aren't hungry but they eat everything I put in, like a previous poster said "with gusto"
Mine are like little garbage disposals. They eat all our scraps, and I don't recall them turning their beaks up at anything. I do have to give them the scraps in their run before they go out for the day. Once they are in the yard and have access to grass and weeds and mulch and all the yummy bugs living in them, the treats just aren't as appealing.
The only thing I've ever given mine that they didn't go nuts over was pineapple & raw baby carrots. They eventually did eat them but it took awhile. Oh and cat food, mine wouldn't touch it. Other than that they act like a bunch of vultures!!

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