how quickly they grow up, chick pics, to adult pics (PIC HEAVY)

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    Mar 12, 2008
    Los Angeles CA
    well i was looking through my photobucket and realized i had so many pics of the bantams as chicks but none of them as adults, so i set out and took some,
    here are "the three" (thats what we call them) as kids
    and now
    now heres my broody as a chick (shes the one in the back corner)
    heres her today
    bourbon red chick
    him as an adult
    one of my frizzle mals as a chick
    him as an adult (idk where the white went)
    some chicks in a trash can ( only for the pic this wasnt their home)
    some of those chicks today
    the white frizzle pullet in the middle then
    the white frizzle pullet in the middle today

    just felt like sharing these pics with yall
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    Those are just adorable! [​IMG] I told my daughter that I want a couple of them, too. She says,' so just get some.' Wish it was that easy. [​IMG]
    Maybe a little later, after I start hatching out some little ones.
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    Dec 7, 2008
    Maybe we could keep chicks in trashcans. Put very adequate holes in the lid, hang a lamp from it, and voila.
    And shavings, and such.
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