How Richard and Judith went from the golf course to the "country" club

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    Hello, though I have posted a few questions here over the past few months, I have not properly introduced us. So here's our story. Until a year ago (September 2009), Richard and I lived in a gated community in a fancy town here in Florida. Our home sat on a lot facing the large lake which beyond was the 18th hole and clubhouse of the golf course. We had services for everything: lawn mowing, edging, tree trimming, etc. The golf course was beautiful and the people in our neighborhood very nice. We had three little "fluff" dogs that went to the groomers on a monthly basis. They wore cute little outfits sometimes just because it was the thing to do. I got my bi-weekly manicures and pedicures and Richard polished the golf cart and kept the cars nice and clean. Neither of us had ever lived on a farm or cared for farm animals though we both love all animals. Both being in our 50's we thought we had the perfect life, but it wasn't. We just didn't know it. Richard's brother (who lives up north) came to visit us to look for land with a few acres to build a home. We tagged along, and after a couple of weeks, brother went home without buying anything. But, we found what we weren't looking for--a home (in pretty good condition) with 3 1/2 acres, outbuildings, and divided pastures which needed A LOT of work. We knew immediately that we had been BORED at the golf course and a new life as farmers was right for us. We spent the past year working like real farmers do (hard labor) and did all the work ourselves. Fencing needed replacing or repairing, pastures were overgrown with everything, mostly dirt and rocks where grass should be. And the list goes on and one. So, here we are one year two months later and WOW are we still learning and working hard, but we love it. We have a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats (which we raised from bottles) and which we will be milking after the birth of our first babies due in March. We have a very nice flock of chickens which we raised from day old chicks. They are giving us the most incredible eggs I have ever tasted--never knew what a difference from store bought eggs. Our eggs have become very popular with the "golf course" folks and others in our area, so we're earning a little $$ to help pay for feed. Our fluff dogs love the farm and don't go to the groomers much any more. We keep them trimmed as best we can. Same with me--I keep my nails trimmed short and my toes as clean as possible!!! Our golf cart is now a farm vehicle and is no longer shiny and polished, but works great hauling stuff around the farm. We are learning so much from our new neighbors and friends who have been farming for years, and we have been so welcomed into this new type of "country club". Next project: growing a garden.
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    Great story!!! Welcome to the forum! [​IMG]
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    There is life after golf.
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    Thats great!! I never "got" golf. You hit a ball, walk 100 yards and then whack it again. I always enjoyd the drinking part though [​IMG]
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    Welcome to BYC.
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    A warm welcome from an imp in Washington

    Great visuals in your intro

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    Just curious....are you now Rick and Judy?
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    What a fantastic story! I love it.

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    What a wonderful story! Congratulations to you for creating the one thing in your lives that so many folks are searching for: MEANING.

    Every egg, every vegetable, every glass of milk is precious to you when you helped to create it. You are very fortunate to have added this richness to your lives! [​IMG]
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