How should we introduce our girl's to their new coop/run?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by navychick, Aug 10, 2011.

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    This week-end we hope to have our new coop and run finished. We keep the girl's in a brooder in our garage at night but have been taking them outside in the morning where they have been spending their daytime inside a tractor on our lawn. They love being outside. How would you suggest I put them out in their new coop? Should I put them in the coop with the pop door open and let them find their way out to the run? Assuming they won't automatically return to the coop at night how do I encourage them to figure it out? Also, do you have any swings or "toys" for them in the run area? We put in a couple of roosts for them to sit on but wonder if you suggest anything that they might find entertaining. Thanks for the advice.

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    I'd put them in the coop and leave them there (if it's cool enough) for two or three days. That then becomes home. Then you can open the pop door.

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    I would put them into the coop in the evening and let them spend to night in there then let them find the run on their own in the morning. I would not use the tractor until they make the coop/run connection. With roosts out in the run, they may roost up on them for night instead of going back in the coop. Regarding toys: TS sells a flock block, there are wire balls used for rabbits or parakeets that you can hang and fill with greens, cabbage, brocoli etc. I have used empty plastic coffee cans on their sides they enjoy pecking at them and rolling them around the run when they are young.

    Good luck

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