How soon do Turkeys perch?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Jocasta, May 13, 2011.

  1. Jocasta

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    Apr 8, 2011
    OK, so my guys are only 1 day old haha but I was thinking about making some little perches for their brooder - how soon could they use them?

    Also, how old are they before you'd give them kitchen scraps?
  2. kuntrygirl

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    Feb 20, 2008
    Opelousas, Louisiana
    Quote:I think that would be a great idea for them. I always put something in their brooder for them to jump on. They seem to like it. As far as the kitchen scarps, I don't know how old they should be before feeding kitchen scraps to them, so I don't know the answer. Sorry.
  3. Dogfish

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    Mar 17, 2010
    Western Washington
    I have a perch made from 2x2 (24" long) on top of two 4x4 blocks (6" long each) in the turkey brooder. Real simple. The last batch started using them around 2 weeks.

    I'd hold off on scraps for a bit. Let them grow on a controled feed for a few weeks, then introduce other things like vegies, etc. I don't give mine any scraps. The dog gets those.
  4. Jocasta

    Jocasta Chillin' With My Peeps

    Apr 8, 2011
    Thanks guys!! [​IMG]

    These little dudes are so entertaining! I can't get enough! I'm cross with DH because he won't let me get more eggs haha!

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