How soon should I introduce my silkie chicks to my flock? pics


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The average size of my silkies

The little guy

The rest of my chichi's(the adults are the lighter colored chickens at the top)

My little guys are a little over 4 weeks right now, I have one that is exceptionally small(about half size) the rest are the size of the one with my 4 month old kittens. When would be a good time to introduce them to my flock? right now it is getting down to freezing at night so they are inside but without a heat lamp (stays around 60). I have about 10 2.5 month olds(barred rock ameraucana cross) in the coop and 2 bantam adults(ameraucana and Brahma, ameraucana is brooding right now). So all the chickens outside are about the same size now.

What do you think?
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I have a month old silky and just added to her brooder,
a 3 day old ameracuna. Iam watching to see what happens .
have a heat lamp 125 watt and the room is always at 75
I need more room in the bator.

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