How soon will they start acting like roos and hens???? PICS


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11 Years
Mar 21, 2008
My new little mille fluer(?) chick is always trying to hide under the bigger silkie chick, and he/she even acts somewhat protective at times when it is acting scared. Is it possible for them to be showing signs of gender so early???? Am I imagining things???? I have no idea how old these little guys are, but they can't be too old. Has anyone ever noticed personality this young and found the gender to be right once they grew up??




Also, even though it is off the subject... will the feathers that come in next be their final colors? Or can they change again after their first molt???
Looks like the shorter one is just trying to stay warm. I personally don't find behavior below 6 weeks or so to be indicative of gender. They will go though another moult before their true colors show.
Oh my! How adorable is that!!! I am new to this so I don't know from experience. However I read some where on here that gender is impossible to tell by their personalities when they are this young. Mine are 5 weeks and we have one we named Chuck because we are just certian by his size and the way he acts that he is a roo. Its just a guess though. I know that is confusing and really no help at all!! Hang in there though, somebody who knows something will post soon!!
I don't know exactly why, but two o' my new peepsters(about 10 days old), have been acting like roos all day. They are constantly squaring off and standing tall in each others face and dragin their wings like they are strutting.I'm not familiar yet with roo behavior but i have seen this same display many many times in gobblers.

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