how spicy is too spicy?

my hen loves spicy food. if i have something spicy she will jump into my plate for it. but im scared of it being too hot for her. can she have a little bit of something only mildly spicy? or no spice at all?

Spice is fine! Chickens and all birds don't have the spice resepter-thingy. Mine ate a Carolina Reaper and was fine.
5 grain scratch really isn't food. It should be an occasional treat and not mixed with real chicken feed.
Chick starter (and most other chicken feed) is formulated to be the sole ration as a complete feed.
Scratch is very low in protein, deficient in several essential amino acids and devoid of some vitamins and minerals chickens need.
The purpose of scratch is to spread a handful on the ground, thereby satisfying a chicken's innate desire to 'scratch' in the soil for their food.
For example, mixing scratch 50:50 with feed will lower the protein content.
Starter is 18% protein. Scratch is about 10%. Mixing them will net a diet of about 14% protein. That's much too low for growing birds or most other age groups.
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I Dont know... I find it hard to think there is no ill effects, at least over time, the lining of the intestines, I mean chickens will eat things they shouldn't I'd say better safe than sorry!

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