how to beat the heat?

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  1. justanewbie

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    May 22, 2016
    Hello everyone. I'm brand new to chicken keeping and we just moved our flock outside from their brooder. I'm really concerned because I live on Guam and it usually reaches over 100 during the day. How can I keep them cool? They're panting outside right now. The coop and run has shade and plenty of air flow. I offered some frozen fruits but they were just confused. Any help is appreciated.
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    Some ice in their water can help.

    I guess that you could hose down areas near to where the chickens hang out, as that could have a bit of a cooling effect (in theory).

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  3. ECBW

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    Apr 12, 2011
    Shades and water and plenty of both!
  4. Folly's place

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    Sep 13, 2011
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    Good air flow and maybe a fan if practical. Ice in the water and frozen fruit. Shade! Hosing off the roof, and/ or roof insulation, again if practical. Breeds that do better in heat. No stress during the day. Mary
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    Put shallow basins/saucers of water. Mine will stand in them when they're hot. They've also got a big tub of water they can use to cool off with by sticking their feet in (I wouldn't be trusting that with little babies though, they could fall in)

    What's your humidity level there? Here we have a dry heat. You can buy or set up misting systems that are little sprinklers that squirt at intervals to create an evaporative cooling effect. No use in a humid climate, but in a dry and hot climate they can keep things cooler. (the blurb on this says it works in Darwin, but I don't think it would, and I wouldn't be adding more moisture with birds if you've got high humidity)

    EDIT, you can also use evaporative cooling by other means, eg draping a sheet over and keeping it wet as in a Coolgardie safe. Again, not for humid environments.
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    Get a cheapo box fan and turn it on when the temps hit 100F. Turn it off when they are consistently below 90 (about 3-4 months for us).

    Hosing down all surrounding surfaces really helps since we are a dry heat here, but that will vary by location. That's not a regular thing, only if it gets stupid hot for an extended period of time. You want them to acclimate as much as possible without help.
  7. hamlette2002

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    Jun 29, 2016
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    I have been reusing my Blue Apron gel packs - freeze, wrap in a towel. The chickens literally chill out around and on it. The towel protects them from frostbite and poking holes in it.
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