how to bring TOLBUNT/Porcelain colors to life?


Feb 26, 2018
Islamabad, Pakistan
I have porcelain brahma and white sultans, do you think i can cross them to get porcalein sultan?

would the female be the white sultan and male be the porcelain brahma?

I also am thinking to cross tolbunt polish with white sultan. in that case, would the male be the tolbunt polish and female be the white sultan?

this is the first time i shall be doing some experimenting, so need advise! :)


Jul 16, 2009
Stuck In a Dream
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Sultans seems to be based on Dominant White, if this is the case then all of your F1 chicks will be yellow at hatch and will grow to be mostly white with some ground color leakage, you need to hatch a lot about 100 chicks by crossing the F1 x F1 to hope for a Porcelain type Sultans..

On close look it seems they are recessive White as some of the chicks are smoky color.. if that is the case you just don't know what is hidden under them


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