How to chose the rooster to stay??


8 Years
Dec 11, 2011
This spring I incubated eggs for the purpose of having eggs later on. Now, I have the decision of which rooster to keep. Up until now it was easy as I got rid of the aggressors. Now I'm down to 4 and I only want 1. They are EE's so, coloring, conformation, etc doesn't really matter. I've narrowed it down to 2. What to do, what to do......................Both are very nicely tempered

They are both good with the ladies, the top photo, Pretty Boy is more dominate, but probably Blue would take over if he were gone. I can't keep both as I already have 1 rooster (that goes with the BCM girls) How would you choose.? Please help! Who knew that these decisions would be so stressful? What would you look for or reason you would choose? Thanks.
The way I chose between 2 roos was to watch them with the hens. The one that mounted the hens with more care and when foraging would call the hens to the "finds" without eating it first is the one I kept. He also was a lot more aware of the surroundings and predators and would alarm way before the other. He is a Blue Andalusian and a beautiful bird which is a plus just to watch. He is gentle with the hens and I guess they appreciate it he never has to chase down a hen as the other one did the hens all stoop for him when he dances for them.
I wish any of you lived closer because you could have them. I butchered some last year and had a hard time eating them. The small shop I took them to left them whole, froze them laying on their sides with long legs and neck. Every time I looked in the freezer I cried. My grandson had named them all Sally.
As I said I had 4 to chose from but had weeded 2 out for being so rough with the girls. This one is Stanley and he had been my first choice but he is such a sex craved boy.

The next one here was never named. He was always smaller and slender. I didn't think he was an EE. I had bought a dozen mixed eggs to hatch and wasn't sure. He has recently gained a lot of coloring but I'm not interested in keeping him.

My main man fir the Marans is def dominate and both the roo's I'm struggling to decide from take a back seat to him. He is very protective of the girls and tries to keep the other roos away His name is Wrinkles

I had wondered how coloring played into genetics when breeding. EE's are mixed but what difference does a blue EE play into it compared to one with coloring. I may keep them both. 3 roosters with 20 hens are too many but I could separate them easily. Death is so hard for me in animals and yet I clean 3 funeral homes. I think that is called irony. oh, I have 1 more pic. I'm always afraid to post a pic with a turkey in with the chickens but mine do great.

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I've raised turkeys with chickens with no problems, so don't be afraid here!!

I've had 3 roosters with around 15 hens before and everyone did fine. The key was having lots of space and roos that were raised together and just got along well. I free ranged at that time and each roo would take a little group of hens and be in a different area. Having them able to go around a little building, or anything to break up line of sight really helped the roosters get along better. The hens could choose who they wanted to be with and had plenty of room to get away from over hormonal roosters.

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