How to clean a sore pasty butt on a pullet?

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    Mar 17, 2008
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    I was out attempting to take pictures today and noticed my favorite little pullet Bella had something wrong with her butt. I didn't get a close look since I was about to leave and one of the dogs was beside the fence to go into the chicken area. From what I could see it looked like she had poop stuck on her and I noticed some blood. Maybe from her trying to peck it off. I think what happened was when it was warmer out for a few days she liked to sleep in the feed tray and probably pooped and got the feed crumbs stuck around her butt. I have never had to clean a chicken butt other than on chicks. She is the smallest of the two groups we hatched this year. She was 3 days late hatching so she required extra care and never fully grown up to the size she should be. The second hatch that is a month younger is bigger. I'm not sure what to do about handling her to clean her. She is the tamest we have but doesn't like to be held long. Maybe if I offer treats while cleaning her. I definitely know I seen some blood so how should I go about cleaning her? I know not to pull on the poop so I don't pull her intestines out and to let it soak. I might put some oil on her feathers around that area after cleaning her to help avoid more poop sticking.
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    Usually we take a very soft rag and put it in warm water. It depends on how hard and crusty it is whether or not it will come off. We also put some Colloidal silver on it. That really helps it not come back, unless the bird has a real problem.
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    Sounds like a two person job if she is not really used to being held. I would have one person hold her firmly but gently in the sink w/a few inches of warm water in it...high enough to reach the poop area. If her feet are on the bottom and the water is comfortably warm, she may actually find it soothing within a couple of minutes. I would let her "soak" for several minutes, and then try very gently working at the area with mild soap/detergent. If there's blood, you might try spraying a little blue kote on the area after you've blow dried her... Poor thing...good luck!
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    You may have to trim the feathers carefully. Cut as much of the poop ball off as you can. Then the best thing In the world to use to soften the poop up is baby oil. Just squirt it on liberally and let it soak a bit. If you have to do it a couple times don't panic. After it soaks for a bit you can take a paper towel and kind of squeeze the poopy area to loosen it up, then squirt it again. Trimming the worst part usually helps a LOT. Keep us posted.
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    Thanks for the help. I have a plastic tub thing around the house that I'll put the warm water in. Also have some clean wash clothes. I did use Q-Tips on the chicks but they were also smaller. Maybe I'll talk my SIL into helping me since she needs help putting up dry wall in her house she is building. Might have to make her a deal. [​IMG] I don't think I've ever seen her touch a pullet except for chicks or maybe have her husband help me.
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    You can wrap a towel around the pullet while bathing just her rear end with warm water and some mild soap. I like Novalsan. A sponge will be helpful as well.
    Usually that will do it right there, but if the skin is extremely irritated, you can use some baby ointment for diaper rash.
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    You pretty much have to bathe the vent area until the feces dissolves enough to unblock the opening. Prepare for a big clod of poop to come out as soon as you get it cleared.

    Once you get the poop cleaned up, you need to keep the baby warm until she dries out.
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    Jan 11, 2007
    I have found that hydrogen peroxide (ear strength>3%) will dissolve such quite effectively and quickly where you can gently pull the clump off. Afterwards spritz with soapy water and gently clean and rinse. Aloe vera helps with any inflammation.
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